Vernal Equinox: Reimagining Chinatown (Curation)
Thesis Project 
Parsons School of Design 2023
2022 Winter &
2023 Spring
At the project’s culmination, I meticulously curated all designcomponents within an exhibition entitled ‘Hello, ChinatownManhattan.’ This exhibition served as an empirical arena forscrutinizing the dynamic interplay between the audience and thedesigned artifacts. To this end, I sought to replicate the essenceof a Manhattan’s Chinatown information kiosk to gauge audienceengagement, employing concise interviews and dialoguesto solicit valuable insights.Within the exhibition’s confines, typography assumedthe role of a quintessential conveyance medium, intricatelyinterwoven with Chinatown’s distinctive visual elements, encompassingposters, pamphlets, menus, mobile applications, and aspectrum of other materials. Moreover, interactive installationswere thoughtfully integrated into the exhibition space, fosteringopportunities for in-depth analysis of audience interactions andresponses.

Final Exhibition

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New York, USA